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  • Carol Michaels

Using Light Weights May Not be Sufficient for Bone Health

strength training for bone health

In order to keep our bones dense we must perform weight bearing exercises and strength training. Using light weights in your exercise routine may not be sufficiently helping your bones. The amount of weight bearing that causes the bone to become denser is called osteogenic loading. It takes a certain load to stimulate the bone. Bones can be loaded or unloaded from prolonged bed rest. Scientists have determined that the amount of loading required to stimulate the bone equals 4.2 times body weight. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to load your bones with 420 pounds to build bone. When we stand, gravity applies a load to our bones equal to our body weight. It is higher impact activities like jumping or strength training that is needed to get to the over 4 times body weight in order to increase bone density. For those that are already diagnosed with osteoporosis, higher impact exercise and use of heavy weights may not be appropriate for you. Those with osteoporosis need medical clearance and a full fitness assessment before using heavier weights and adding impact exercises. I can help you develop the right program for your bone health in either a private session or small group format. Contact me at or

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