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Fitness Training Programs

We understand that when beginning a fitness program, exercise can seem like a chore. For this reason, we do whatever we can to make your exercise experience fun. When you are having a good time, you are more likely to exercise.

Our primary focus is to ensure that our clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


For Individual training, every fitness program is different - one size does not fit all! Depending on your goals, fitness level, interests, and individual needs, we will design a custom-fit plan perfect for you. Your workouts are all about you and want you to succeed!​

In our group strength training, there is a sense of community and a social, friendly atmosphere. We incorporate creative and innovative exercises and programs to keep workouts fun and interesting.

​​​For over 20 years at Carol Michaels Fitness, we are passionately committed to our mission of changing people's lives around the world by helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle so they look and feel their best.

Our clients achieve life-changing results! This includes fat loss, better muscle tone and energy levels, increased bone density, and lowered stress level. Nothing brings us more joy than knowing that we have positively impacted someone's life.


Whether you would prefer the comfort of your own home, the collaborative atmosphere of a small group, or the convenience of a video session, Carol Michaels offers various fitness training options to meet your needs. 

Carol Michaels Fitness offers the following Personal Training and Small Group Strength Training Programs for Clients:

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