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Professional References 

See what professionals are saying about us.

"After surgery and treatment, it is imperative to be active and participate in an exercise program. Carol’s program will help in the healing process.”


Deborah Axelrod, M.D.

Clinical Director, Breast Services and Programs

NYU School of Medicine

"Physical activity is an important part of the healing and recovery process. The Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program created by Carol Michaels has helped many of my patients regain their range of motion and strength.  Carol's attitude and dedication is inspiring!"

Winnie Polen, MD Summit Medical Group Surgical Oncology

"The Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program has improved the strength, range of motion, and emotional health of my patients. The patients love it!"


Jaqueline Heal, RN
Oncology Nurse Navigator Newark Beth Israel

​"Carol has a passion for helping survivors regain control over their lives and bodies after cancer treatments. She has a very calm and caring demeanor which helps to alleviate the fear that  survivors have when beginning to exercise.  Her knowledge regarding cancer treatments and the side effects they cause combined with her fitness expertise has allowed Carol to create an effective exercise program for survivors to regain strength, flexibility and range of motion.  Carol takes the time to speak to each participant and learn what their individual issues are so that she can tailor exercises to best fit their needs.   She offers motivation and encouragement to each person who participates.  Carol’s classes have made a significant difference in the recovery of many from our community – she has helped to heal their bodies and their spirits."


Lisa Monaghan
Wellness Director
Berkeley Heights YMCA

"As Director of Pathways, a program of The Connection for Women and Families in Summit, NJ, my job is to offer support, education and wellness programs to women with cancer.  When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, it takes a toll physically, psychologically and emotionally.  We offer a variety of ways to help women cope with the impact of cancer treatment and the aftermath, and Cancer Recovery Fitness helps women regain some sense of control, over their bodies, and over their future. ​


Over time, many women find that a cancer diagnosis, while devastating, can in fact be a wonderful opportunity to change their lives for the better.  I am so grateful to Carol for the kind and knowledgeable way that she interacts with Pathways members.  She understands what they are going through from a physical and emotional standpoint, and approaches each woman on an individual basis to determine what her special needs and unique challenges are.  Many women feel that they just do not know where to begin to either regain physical strength and flexibility, or perhaps to initiate a fitness regimen for the first time in their lives.  There may be many trainers who could “coach” a patient back to physical wellness, but few who could do it in such a positive, caring and compassionate way, with consideration of all the sources of stress that can overwhelm a cancer patient.  In Carol’s class, women find a safe place to express their needs and help them move on after cancer.  Through her support, women learn how to thrive, not just survive."


Michele Rovello Visco, MA, LPC
Pathways Director
Summit, NJ 

"Carol Michaels is an outstanding fitness trainer- and an outstanding person. I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner on the faculty at Morristown Memorial Hospital.   I have a private practice and specialize in the care of cancer patients.  When I first learned of Carol’s innovative recovery fitness program I was immediately impressed with its thoughtful design and I immediately started to refer patients to her.  The feedback that I received from my patients was consistent: they were all delighted with the care she took with each of them, her obvious expertise at fitness training.  They were equally pleased with how the program, and Carol, made them feel: good about themselves, more relaxed, calmer and simply better.​


Not only is Carol excellent at what she does- helping patients regain and improve their physical strength and mobility- she is compassionate, thoughtful and dedicated.  She will do whatever it takes to accommodate a patient in need.  Whether training him or her one on one, or in an appropriate group, or reducing her fee for those who cannot afford her services.  Patients feel safe and well taken care of because they are. The many oncologists I work with have been extremely impressed with the progress their patients have made under Carol’s care and we are all grateful to have her as a resource.​

The benefit of Carol’s training with patients goes way beyond their physical fitness and that, in of itself, is no small feat.  Not only do my patients improve physically but also they begin to feel better about themselves and more hopeful about the future. The stronger and more mobile that they become the more they are able to imagine beating their cancer.  This creates a positive cycle that fills them with hope and heals not only their external ailment but also their internal and psychological wounds.​


Carol has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many people I know well and she is a remarkable resource for me and the many oncologists with whom I work."


Randi Cohen, APN, BC 

Advanced Practice Nurse, Board Certified

Family/Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

"Carol Michaels has initiated a Pilates and various fitness classes for the South Orange Maplewood Adult School for 10 years and her classes have always been extremely popular.  She is passionate about the benefits her exercise programs afford and her encouragement goes a long way in making students succeed with their exercise goals."


Sue E. Marcus

Executive Director

South Orange-Maplewood Adult School

"I have been training with Carol Michaels for well over two years.  I find her to be extremely well qualified and educated in personal training.  Carol came highly recommended when I started to train with her.  She has helped me a great deal with many aspects of fitness -- from the correct exercises to proper eating and having a healthy lifestyle.  Her vast experience shows extensively when we are training.  She is always interesting and innovative in all the different exercises we do during our sessions.  There has not been one session that has been boring.  It is always upbeat and action packed.  She is very intuitive, helpful, and tailors the sessions to my needs.  It has been a pleasure to train with her over the years.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a GREAT personal trainer."   ​

Richard Morganstein, MD​

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