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Carol is Pilates certified and offers small group Pilates mat classes. Pilates strengthens and stretches the body. Control, precision, body mechanics and breathing are emphasized. Pilates is non-impact exercise that can help can you regain your physical and emotional health.  Muscles are strengthened while breathing deeply.  Form is emphasized and it is low repetition-quality over quantity. This workout can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels and issues.

  • Improves range of motion    

  • Increases flexibility with modifications for osteoporosis    

  • Increases strength and endurance    

  • Improves posture    

  • Core strength improves as well as balance    

  • Decreases stress and improve mood and self-confidence    

  • Improve lymphatic drainage

If you always wanted to take a Pilates class, you should; and Carol is the perfect instructor to ease you into it. You will stretch, strengthen, tone and feel like the session was tailored just for you.​


  - Sharon R.

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