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Flexibility Training

Carol Michaels Fitness | Cancer Recovery Specialist and Expert Personal Trainer

Flexibility is a major component of fitness. Our sedentary lifestyle is causing an increase in injuries caused by a decrease in flexibility. The human spine was not meant to sit all day and now a large percentage of adults have back pain.  There are many reasons to stretch:

  • Ease of everyday movement    

  • Improve posture    

  • Less pain and stiffness    

  • Improve sleep and decrease stress    

  • Improve athletic ability    

  • Better coordination    

  • Reduce risk of injury​

​Improved flexibility will boost the performance of your tennis and golf game and other sports. Athletes function at their highest level by improving their flexibility. Watch your golf or tennis games improve dramatically as a result of your participation in the stretching program. Stretching will also help prevent injuries, and enhance your quality of life.​


"I have trained with Carol for over 6 years attending two classes every week.  My increased flexibility, strength and balance is attributed to her classes. My continued participation over the years is due to Carol’s creativity. I don’t think one class has ever been the same; there are new exercises and techniques every class.  Each exercise is described in detail as to proper positioning and benefits to your body, an indication of Carol’s continued study on exercise and health.  Her goal is to exercise and stretch every muscle group at each lesson, and she conducts the class in a low key and fun environment. I highly recommend Carol as a group or private instructor."

  - Carolyn Y.

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