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Exercises for Cancer Survivors, by Carol Michaels

Some cancer survivors are under the impression that inactivity will decrease fatigue and speed recovery. However, exercising during and after cancer surgery and treatments is helpful for one's physical and mental well-being. This book will show you how to improve your recovery. With forward by Deborah Axelrod, MD, FACS, and introductions by Katherine Francis, MD, and Nancy Elliot, MD, FACS, this book is a must-read for cancer survivors and fitness professionals who work with cancer survivors. 

Exercises for Cancer Survivors is available in paperback and on Kindle©.

10 to Thrive

This is a great book for cancer survivors who want to be fit and healthy. It has so much important information that will be helpful to cancer patients in an easy to read style. You will learn how to strength train without getting injured. The exercises are for all fitness levels.

Exercises for Cancer Survivors includes specific exercises for the different reconstructions and how to exercise if you have lymph nodes removed. In addition, there are photos with descriptions of the exercises that are appropriate for different cancers.

The cancer survivor will learn how exercise can help reduce the effects of chemo and improve quality of life. This book is recommended to all cancer survivors and their caretakers. - S.K.

Carol Michaels Fitness offers a free ebook available for download, Ten-to-Thrive.  Valuable information on cancer recovery fitness, financial planning, fertility planning and more.

10 to Thrive, 2nd Edition

A comprehensive guide to life after cancer for young adults.

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