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General TV Appearances
The Right Fit News Report

The Right Fit Segment on CBSNewYork

Benefits of Cancer Recovery Fitness

Cancer Recovery Program - Testimonial

TV Appearance - Carol Michaels Appears On NJTV To Speak About Fitness

My Channel

My Channel

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Trainer of the Year 2012 Award Recipient

Trainer of the Year 2016 Award Recipient

Exercise Segments

Strength Training for Osteoporosis

Safe Hip Strengthening for Osteoporosis

Recovery Fitness Cancer Exercise Program

Stretching Demonstration

Balance & Posture Exercises for Osteoporosis

Safe Abdominal and Spine Strengthening Exercises for Osteoporosis

Posture Stretches for Osteoporosis

Stretching for Osteoporosis

Strength Training Demonstration

Reverse Fly

DVD Preview

Exercise for Cancer Survivors DVD

Wall Push-up Demonstration

Standing Row Demonstration

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