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Carol Michaels Cancer Recovery Specialist Course


Cancer is a growing part of our everyday world. Most everyone knows of a family member or a friend who has battled this disease. As a fitness professional, you will work with people of all ages and fitness levels. Your career may also bring you in contact with many people who have suffered from the side effects of cancer surgery and treatments.


This course will teach you how to begin improving your client's physical and emotional health and help them reclaim their life beyond cancer. Through exercise, you will teach how to regain some control over their body, manage side effects more successfully, and increase their body's ability to heal. You will learn how to safely start an exercise program, and the tools to make exercise a lasting part of your client's lifestyle. You don't need a gym to perform the exercises taught in this course. The course is intended to assist personal trainers currently working with people battling the disease as well as those who have been in remission for years. The recommendations in this program can help make your clients stronger, fitter, and more mentally prepared to battle cancer. 


Go to NFPT's site to sign up!

I am so happy that I took the NFPT Cancer recovery course! The course gave me the information that I needed to work with cancer survivors. This credential  enabled me to work at Holy Name Medical Center. The satisfaction that I receive from working with this population is off the charts. The financial benefits are great too! I highly recommend that personal trainers take this course!

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