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Posture and Balance

Good posture allows for efficient movement. Poor posture can cause some muscles to work too hard and others too little. This causes imbalances and results in some muscles becoming very weak and some too tight. This can stress the joints, which can eventually cause pain and poor range of motion.


In our Posture and Balance class, you will learn how to incorporate good posture and body alignment into your daily life which will decrease pain and risk of injury.  Strengthening and stretching exercises will be performed which will also improve your posture.  You will learn how to exercise with proper posture in order to prevent injuries and will develop strong and flexible muscles which are responsible for good posture.​

Balance training will enable you to live a healthier life. People who have a fear of falling often limit their activities. This makes their muscles weaker which

increases the risk of falling. Our class will help you strengthen all the muscles involved in good balance.  Each class has easy to learn exercises which target those muscles which help you stand up straight and prevent falling.

​​This is a fun, safe, and effective way to improve your posture, balance, flexibility, and strength!

  • Increase in strength and flexibility

  • Decrease neck, back, and joint pain

  • Improve confidence and appearance

  • Decrease falls

  • Develop a strong core which improves balance

  • Boost energy

  • Prevent injury

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