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Client References 

See what clients are saying about us.

​​Carol Michaels has been my trainer and consultant for 8 years.  She is a fitness expert and wonderful to work with.  Her sessions have helped me get into shape, get stronger, and healthier.

 Lenore D.

Carol is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her classes are always fun and challenging, yet age and ability appropriate. She mixes it up so well, you get a fabulous all-around workout before you know it!


​ Judy D.​​

I have had the pleasure of training with Carol for more than five years.  During that time, I have developed more strength, more tone, better balance —even more self-confidence.  She knows exactly how hard to work you so that you get the benefit of the exercise in an enjoyable way, and in the last five years, I don’t think that I have ever done the same routine twice.  She’s knowledgeable, she cares and I don’t think that you can find a better trainer anywhere.  


Leslie K.

I have had chronic back pain for many years.  In addition to medicine, my doctor suggested to me to take up either Pilates or Yoga.  As a result, I signed up for the Pilates class at Columbia HS via the Maplewood Adult School Program about two years ago.  Carol was my instructor.  Since then, I’ve been attending Carol’s classes once a week at her studio.  I enjoy Carol’s teachings.  I also like the equipment available at her studio and the reasonable class size.  The classes help me manage my pain and enable me to function at a more comfortable level.  Occasionally, I still have to take ibuprofens to ease my aches and pains but I no longer take prescribed medication.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants help with chronic pain issues.​


​ Ellen H​​.

"I am a four year breast cancer survivor.  Of course this has led to many challenges for me, especially with having to face physical limitations after surgeries.  When I first came to the Recovery Fitness class I could not raise my right arm. It was difficult to walk because of extreme pain in my right leg. Any slight movement caused pain in my chest because my chest has been so tight after having a bilateral mastectomy. Due to these and other problems I became very depressed and pretty much gave up on trying to do anything.  So I really only came out for doctor’s appointments.  hat changed when I took a chance and came to the class. After coming to the class twice a week for five months, I have been greatly helped.  I can raise my arm straight up without pain. I can walk better and my chest isn’t as tight and sore as it was.  This has given me the confidence I was lacking, and I feel good about myself again.  There are still rough days, but the class gives me the opportunity to work on my challenges with others that can relate to what I'm dealing with. The Recovery Fitness class has changed my life and has helped me physically and mentally."

Sharon L.

I met Carol at the Chatham adult school four years ago, when she was teaching a kettlebells exercise class. I was extremely impressed with her teaching style, which made the exercises simple and enjoyable. I always disliked exercise but, after a certain age, I was forcing myself to become more active for health reasons. Working with Carol was something I kept looking forward to each week. Two years ago, I started going to her Short Hills studio twice a week - on Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights, for Pilates and personal training. Since that time, I have lost 20 lbs. and my entire body has changed for the better. I truly feel that I look younger now than when I started working with Carol. Thanks to her, I have a waist again and a slim and fit figure. It's truly amazing!! She has also provided me with nutrition counseling, which has been extremely helpful. Carol is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person. I hope to continue training with her for a very long time and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their body and health."  


Rosaria D.

I have always struggled with my weight and I realized I needed motivation to workout and lose weight. So, I decided to go to a personal trainer. I found Carol and working with her has been amazing. Not only does Carol motivate me, but I feel stronger and better about myself. Carol designs the workout routines to suit me. The routines are creative and different. From lifting kettle bells to resistance training to cardio it's always different and keeps me interested. We also discuss dieting, from keeping a food log, to what to eat and eat in moderation. Not only is Carol a personal trainer, she's kind and cares about my health and fitness. I look forward to our next workout!


 Betsy M.

After working out with Carol Michaels twice a week for nine years, I am in the best shape of my life.  She uses a huge variety of equipment: balls, bars, free weights. Carol wants fitness to be fun and it is!  I always look forward to my sessions.  


Phyllis K.

I love Carol Michaels’s classes and have been attending for almost a year. She is a very experienced and innovative trainer. Her teaching style is relaxed yet extremely effective. Carol skillfully incorporates alternative levels into the exercises so that you can choose the intensity. She works with a variety of the latest equipment and so the classes are always different, always fun and always a pleasure. Carol is personable and passionate about fitness.

 Lisa M.

"It has been such a gift to be able to participate in Carol Michaels' Strength Building Class for cancer recovery at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center. I have been attending these classes for about a year now, and have benefited physically, mentally and intellectually from this life-changing experience. In my cancer journey in the last 3 1/2 years, I have undergone three abdominal surgeries and three 6-month rounds of chemotherapy. I responded well to all treatment, with few side effects, but I wasn't able to feel great and really get my body back until I took Carol's classes. These classes made me realize how much my balance was affected by cancer treatment, and I am happy to report that my balance is now significantly better. I didn't realize how depleted my energy was until I got back my great energy thanks to Carol's classes.

Carol creates  a safe and encouraging environment by giving modifications for each exercise as well as the choice to opt-out depending on individual needs. As a "student" in Carol's classes, I appreciate how she explains in detail the muscle or muscle group being targeted, and helps you put your "mind into the muscle" to gain the maximum benefit from each exercise. Every exercise has a purpose, and Carol explains that purpose. Carol is a skilled teacher, a "cheerleader" for cancer patients and a motivator. She has a big heart, a great sense of humor, and makes everyone feel valued and encouraged. I feel that I have gained an "edge" over cancer from these classes, and am so grateful for my stronger body and better sense of well-being. Carol's instruction has motivated me to continue exercising at home, and now I know specifically how to do it. In spite of the fact that I am still in treatment, I continue to enjoy a great "recovery" with the help of Carol's classes."

D.C. Morristown

I am a cancer survivor. Carol has been instrumental in assisting me with regaining strength and fitness following my mastectomy. I started going to Carol in the middle of receiving chemotherapy as I was hesitant to restart a fitness program on my own. I was unsure how much I could do since I was still experiencing some tightness from the surgery.


Following an initial assessment of my range of motion, Carol developed routines which included a variety of stretches, strength, and Pilates exercises that assisted me in my cancer rehabilitation. I was impressed with how Carol adjusted the routine based on my level of fatigue from the chemo I was experiencing that day. She also ramped up the level once I was able to do more during radiation and beyond.


I think that my workouts with Carol helped considerably to limit the effects of the cancer treatments, especially the fatigue and maintaining a positive mood. It also gave me the confidence to begin running again and I was able to complete a 5k just 3 weeks after completing radiation. I would highly recommend her to breast cancer patients, cancer survivors and others looking to get fit.


See you on Monday.

Janis W.

"Carol's classes are welcoming, warm, compassionate and inspiring. From the moment I entered, I felt on the road to full recovery.  Her special skill is motivation, encouraging all to make the most of everyday. At the same time, she encourages everyone to pay attention to personal limitations as well as abilities. I felt each class feeling energized and strengthened."


C.S.  Madison

"As many of the women who survive breast cancer surgeries, I had tightness and weakness to deal with.  Even though I have 20 years experience doing yoga and then Pilates, I was uncomfortable joining one of those classes not fully understanding my new limitations.  Having been dormant for some time, I wasn't yet up for the task either. I had to build up my strength.​


Carol has a wonderful understanding of what the limitations are and should be, versus the unsubstantiated fears.  Exercise instructors have no such special knowledge, and would not have been able to help me.  Carol taught me wonderful exercises that I will always be able to use.  Her confidence gave me confidence to get past my inhibitions and restrictions, and now I am taking those yoga and Pilates classes with no difficulty at all.  I am very thankful!"

I have joined the Rahway YMCA, and I would love to help Rahway's Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital reach the same level of assistance to breast cancer patients in this area.  I traveled a half an hour to be a part of Carol's class, yet there is a hospital and a YMCA right here in my town".


Thank you,

Lisa G.

"The Post Cancer Surgery Exercise Class was physically and emotionally beneficial for me. As Carol Michaels directed the exercise program she also created an atmosphere that enabled participants to feel at ease, to express concerns  and ask personal questions about their physical capabilities and goals.  As a post breast cancer surgery survivor of two years, I felt my upper body range of motion increase as well as my overall body flexibility improve.  I would strongly encourage other cancer post surgical patients to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Cancer Recovery Fitness Program." 

Claudia C.

"I have benefited greatly from the exercise classes by Carol.   Her compassion for cancer survivors encourages us to continue to maintain good physical health despites our limitations.   Studies have shown that having routine physical exercise during chemotherapy and post chemotherapy greatly aid in the physical and mental well being of patients.   As a 2 1/2 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer, I have found immense benefit from Carol's exercise programs."​


Linda B.

"As a breast cancer survivor I have found Carol's Recovery Fitness Rehabilitative Exercise Program to be very helpful. My range of motion and balance have improved greatly and I look forward to continuing with the strength building exercises that are an important part of recovery."



"I began working with Carol two years ago in a general class setting during my chemotherapy treatments. She initially evaluated my performance level and invited me to an appropriate general class. During each session, she carefully demonstrates the exercises and watches that each class member is performing the tasks correctly.  Carol is very encouraging, but is careful never to compare class members. Everyone works to his or her level of comfort creating an atmosphere of accomplishment and well being.​

Carol is always well prepared and introduces new and different equipment and exercises. Boredom and monotony often discourage students in their exercise routines, but Carol’s classes are always fresh and diverse to keep everyone focused. The environment is fun and fosters regular participation and new friendships. She explains the goal of each movement and identifies the muscle group involved.​


After my chemotherapy and the subsequent mastectomy, I worked with Carol individually to regain a range of motion in my right arm. During this time she exhibited a full knowledge of the routines necessary for me to accomplish my individual goals. She showed great sensitivity to my condition and was most encouraging, all the while using her expert knowledge to fit the routines perfectly to my needs. In one month, I was able to reach to the height of my tallest kitchen shelf, and life was returning to normal.  ​


Carol seems to enjoy all aspects of teaching fitness, greets each class with great enthusiasm and enjoys seeing clients achieve their fitness goals. She is always available before and after class to discuss specific problems or needs that might be affecting a student."



Christine S.           

"Carol Michaels's Recovery Fitness class is a tremendous boon to cancer survivors of all levels. Carol adapts the class to individual differences in skills and abilities, helping each participant to increase strength, flexibility and conditioning without stress or strain. Each class works on different muscle groups with varied equipment and innovative techniques to help people regain and even surpass their previous fitness levels. The caring atmosphere encourages a great deal of camaraderie and fun as well. I recommend it highly!"

Judy D.

"It is my pleasure to tell you what a difference Carol Michaels has made in my life. When I was recovering from Tram Flap surgery after a bilateral mastectomy in 2009, I turned to Carol for guidance on how to best work on my range of motion as I recuperated. As I got clearance from my doctor, she researched specific exercises for me and we practiced all of them in her studio. She presented me with a picture chart which explained each exercise.  I used this as a “cheat sheet” as I did the exercises at home. I still have it and even refer to it today.​

After my complete recovery, I joined one of Carol’s regular exercise classes.  When an exercise is not appropriate for me, Carol always gives me a modification.  She is technically talented but she is also personally motivational.  Her teaching style is friendly and warm. She always “mixes it up.”  I can’t remember two classes that have been similar. She works with a variety of equipment and always seems to be fitting in something new.​


I have recently recovered from a stomach surgery (to fix the original Tram Flap procedure) and I am going to re-join Carol’s class soon.  I know she will bring me “up to speed” over time.  I can count on her to set me at the right pace. I have worked with different trainers but none compare to Carol.  I can’t begin to thank her for all she has done for me."

 Janet R.

"I have worked with Carol Michaels off and on for over two years now. When I exercise with Carol, my lymphedema is better controlled.  I encourage you to try working with her for your health issues and she truly cares about your health and welfare."

Barbara Chubb RN

"Working with Carol Michaels was one of the most rewarding experiences I had on my road to recovery after my bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. She worked with me at my pace, while encouraging me to push myself to the next level. She was always positive and gave me such hope each and every time I worked with her. I looked forward to my appointments because I knew I would leave stronger and more confident. On my way home, I always felt regular again, not like a cancer patient.​


When I started with Carol I immediately knew I was in the right place. She helped me return to my “pre-surgery” physical condition, of course; but more importantly and unexpectedly I realized she empowered me to take back my life the way I wanted it to be. She was my physical therapist, cheerleader and angel sent from above. Thank you Carol!"

Marie A.

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