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Carol Michaels Interviewed by Dr. Kim Dalzell

The Importance of Exercise in Lung Cancer Treatment for the ehealth Radio Network.

Recovery Fitness

Health Check with Heidi Godman focuses on all aspects of health and wellness. Host Heidi Godman, a veteran medical journalist familiar to Suncoast residents, talks to doctors and other health experts daily in addition to fielding questions from callers. On this episode, Carol Michaels joins to speak about the Recovery Fitness program, a personal training program for cancer patients and survivors. 


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Exercising with Cancer, Why and How It Helps

What do I need to know about resuming exercise after surgery? Can I exercise during chemotherapy? and other burning questions get answered here by our medical experts Dr. Donald Abrams and Dr. June Chan of UCSF, award winning fitness industry leader Carol Michaels, and patient advocate Richard Davis. Learn about the effects of exercising on cancer.

Hosted by Cure Talks. Text from Audio transcript can be found here


Eating Well and Staying Alive

Are organic foods really better than non-organic foods in preventing cancer? Can exercising during cancer actually help you feel less fatigued? This episode explores these questions and more, featuring experts in nutrition and fitness who have dedicated their careers to educating and empowering the cancer community. Joining our host Kim Thiboldeaux on the show is Alice Bender, Associate Director at the American Institute of Cancer Research and Carol Michaels, founder of Recovery Fitness.


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Cancer, Exercise, and Nutrition: The Story

It seems like most all of us have been touched in some way, shape or form by cancer. Whether you are a cancer survivor or maybe a family member or friend who has been affected by someone you know with cancer, you will want to listen to this show. This week we focus on exercise and cancer, its benefits and how it may lower your risk factors for certain cancers. Specifically we are going to talk about recovery fitness programs. What the goals for exercise should be from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. We’ll also discuss the importance of nutrition and how it should be incorporated into your plan and when and why exercise is contraindicated. Our guest Carol Michaels is a Cancer Exercise Specialist and consultant who’s been a fitness professional for more than 18 years. She is the founder and creator of Recovery Fitness an exercise program designed to help cancer patients recover from surgery and treatment. Please join us for this very important and informative program.


Hosted by Good Health for a Great Life. Text from


The Recovery Fitness Cancer Exercise Program with Carol Michaels

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Carol Michaels discuss the following:

  • How did you determine that there was a need for this program?

  • When can a cancer survivor start to exercise?

  • What are some of the common side effects caused by cancer surgery and treatment?

  • How can the Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program help reduce these side effects?

  • How can a cancer survivor find a cancer exercise specialist


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Exercising helps to keep osteoporosis under control with Carol Michaels

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Carol Michaels discuss the following:

  • For those that missed the last time you were with us, how did you determine that there was a need for this program?

  • How can exercise help to keep osteoporosis under control?

  • How does one start a safe exercise program?

  • What other training should someone with osteoporosis do?

  • Are there any activities that are not safe?


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