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Based on data collected from participants the Recovery Fitness® cancer exercise program, we have seen demonstrated improvement in: 

  • Range of Motion

  • Strength

  • Quality of life and self esteem  

  • Posture, balance, and endurance

  • Lymphedema

Cancer Recovery Fitness®


​Cancer patients often develop frozen shoulder, stiffness, and numbness due to surgery and treatments. To help eliminate or minimize these side effects, Carol worked with physicians and other health professionals to create Recovery Fitness®.  


Recovery Fitness® is a program incorporating a series of stretches and strengthening exercises. The program fills a huge gap in the health care system.  Cancer survivors need rehabilitation and corrective exercises and it is imperative for patients to reach a fitness level that provides confidence and peace of mind. Through testing and collaboration, Carol has been able to demonstrate that the Recovery Fitness® program is medically sound and many internists, surgeons and oncologists endorse the program. They are glad to have a place to send their patients after, and as an adjunct to, physical therapy.

Recovery Fitness® is now offered at her studio, two hospitals and two community centers. Carol is a highly competent and enthusiastic program director with a proven ability to help people feel better. She understands the needs of a cancer survivors and developed a practical and achievable program to help them reach their goals. 

She teaches both one-on-one and group sessions and has helped hundreds of cancer survivors improve their health. Her personal mission is to impact peoples’ lives and to be a source of hope and healing. She stays current on the latest research, reconstructions, and treatments and speaks regularly with each client’s health professionals. This enables her to develop a program tailored to each of her clients’ unique needs in order to achieve the best results. You can join an exercise group comprised of patients who have similar cancers, surgeries, issues and concerns. This supportive and friendly atmosphere makes taking care of health enjoyable, fun and cost effective. Cancer survivors are empowered to go back to their jobs, activities that they enjoy, and take charge of their lives.

Recovery Fitness® is an exercise program designed with you in mind. You are individually assessed and placed in a small group where everyone is on a similar level. We tailor a fitness program to address the effects of:


  • Your specific surgery – lymph node dissection, lumpectomy, mastectomy, implant, DIEP, TRAM flap, and lat flap reconstruction


  • Your specific treatment – radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy


  • Groups meet once a week at a convenient day and time. Classes and private sessions are held in a warm and welcoming environment. If you are unable to attend the group session in person, Skype training sessions are available!

"The cancer Recovery Fitness class is giving me not only the incentive to exercise, but the type of exercise I need to keep my body flexible and stronger. Cancer fatigue is a horrible feeling. This class is terrific for someone like me. Unable to resume most "normal" activity in my life,  my new normal does allow for the degree of strengthening and stretching this class offers."
- Bonnie A.

"Facing Breast Cancer and dealing with the recovery from multiple surgeries was a difficult road for me.  However, the help I received in rehabilitating my body by Carol Michaels through Pathways has been so amazing for me: my mind and my body. Carol facilitated a work out that caters to each of the individuals within the group, even as we were at different phases of our recovery and in our overall health.  I was told by my doctor that he was impressed with my ability to recover so quickly and regain my flexibility and strength which I attribute largely to my workouts. Carol creates a warm and friendly environment where I feel supported by Carol and the women of the group to work each week at becoming stronger as well as feel comfortable with my progress, even if I was having a physically difficult week. That support has been invaluable to my success and I am grateful for it."



- Donna F.

Looking for additional resources?

Exercises for Cancer Survivors

Some cancer survivors are under the impression that inactivity will decrease fatigue and speed recovery. However, exercising during and after cancer surgery and treatments is helpful for one's physical and mental well-being. This book will show you how to improve your recovery. With forward by Deborah Axelrod, MD, FACS, and introductions by Katherine Francis, MD, and Nancy Elliot, MD, FACS, this book is a must-read for cancer survivors and fitness professionals who work with cancer survivors. 


As one of 45 presenters, Carol is proud to support the BREAST CANCER REHABILITATION & WELLNESS RESOURCE for survivors.  Click on the logo to access free programs from international specialists in breast cancer recovery.

Exercises for Cancer Survivors is available in paperback and on Kindle©.

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