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  • Carol Michaels

How Do I Find the Right Exercise Program

Start by taking a private session or a class before you commit. Do not sign up for a lengthy expensive program without checking out several sessions. You need to see how you relate to the trainer. Fitness professionals have different areas of expertise and experience. It is sad when people return to their gym because they have pre-paid and are not enjoying the experience. If you are in a group situation you need to feel comfortable with the other participants. If you do not like your group, you will not want to exercise. If you are new to exercise, you would not want to join a group who are using 50-pound weights. Try to determine the time of day when you have the most energy and make sure there is a trainer or class available for you at that time. Listen to your body-make sure that the program works around injuries and chronic conditions.

strength training, pilates, senior fitness

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