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Back Pain? When Strengthening the Core Make Sure to Include the Butt

We are always told to strengthen our core when we suffer from back pain. There is a debate on which muscles are part of the core but in general the “core” includes any muscle that attaches to the low back or pelvis and can effect stability of or movement of the trunk. Unfortunately, some of us are not told to strengthen our butt muscles. Poor gluteal strength is the cause of much of our back, hip, and knee pain. The gluteal muscles help to support the entire body and when it they are weak, it places too much stress on other body parts. This makes sense since this is a huge muscle group. Strong gluteals can also act as a shock absorber, which may reduce pain and injuries. So many of us are inactive and sit for hours on end. This only weakens the gluteals and tightens the hip flexors. A good strength-training program should include strengthening exercises for the glutes. Strong butt strong body-think Serena Williams.

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