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  • Carol Michaels

Are You Working With the Right Physical Therapist or Fitness Professional?

1. Is the exercise program right for you? Does the PT understand your medical history and goals? For an exercise program to be successful it must be connected to your needs, goals, and be enjoyable.

2. Is the PT just following a plan in a book or using a cookie cutter method? Being consistent is important, but this does not mean that you should be following the exact same routine every day. For example, on some days. you may have low energy which means that; your exercise routine must be able to accommodate changes in your energy levels. Moreover, the exercises need to change to eliminate boredom and be able to relate to the way you use your body in your daily activities.

3. Do you connect with your PT? Are your goals such as building muscle, bone, weight loss, stress reduction, or better sleep, understood by your PT? Are they motivating you to not be sedentary when not in your session? Your fitness professional or physical therapist should have good communication, strategy and cueing skills.

If your PT is providing you with creative and responsive programs, that is great and you should keep working with your professional. If the answer is no, then something needs to change, and you should have a discussion with your fitness professional or physical therapist.

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