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  • Carol Michaels

The Scale is Not Budging!

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An exercise routine that is designed for weight loss must include cardio and strength training exercises. It is difficult to take of weight of one only does cardio exercise. While cardio is a component of a good exercise program, it is also necessary to perform strength training exercises.

It is necessary to strength train because we lose muscle mass as we age. There can be a change in the muscle-to-fat ratio called sarcopenia. Strength training improves the muscle-to-fat ratio: this, it increase the muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat. We need to gain muscle mass and we need to strengthen bones, especially as we get older.

Muscles are metabolically active. This means that they burn calories at rest and during exercise. Having more muscle will increase metabolism. You can reverse this muscle loss at any age. So strength training is a great way to help get to or keep your weight at a healthy level.

In addition to adding strength training, if the weight is not coming off, analyze your food intake.

Always read the labels for the ingredients. If it is labeled healthy or low calorie, sadly this is not always the case.

Be careful when eating the following foods:

1. Protein or meal replacement bars.

They can be high calorie and filled with chemicals

2. Some whole wheat beads.

A common misconception is that it is OK to eat “whole wheat” pastas and breads. Unfortunately, most items labeled whole wheat are not truly whole wheat. Don’t let the brown color fool you. Some of these "whole wheat" breads and pastas are loaded with sugar and preservatives and other chemicals.It is necessary to read the labels. Not only is it potentially unhealthy , a diet high in these “whole wheat”breads can sabotage weight loss efforts.

3. Yogurt and frozen yogurt.

It is important to read the labels. There are many brands with a high sugar content.

4. Vegetable chips.

All together misleading-filled with chemicals

5. Sushi.

Be aware of what is in the roll unless eating at a top restaurant. Some of the spicy tuna rolls are made with older fish and some rolls are filed with mayo making them very high calorie

6. Diet soda.

Poison-and actually can cause weight gain

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