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  • Carol Michaels

How to Have Lasting Exercise Success

One of my goals as a fitness professional is to motivate you to improve your fitness level. One way to do this is to find exercise routines that you enjoy. Physical activity needs to become something you like to do if you want the habit to stick. You may know that it is necessary exercise. But unless you find an exercise that you enjoy, there is a good chance that you will not continue. The physical activity should be fun.

If stress is a problem, participate in the mind-body methods. This includes Pilates, yoga ,or tai chi. For those that enjoy a little competition, add a sport such as tennis. Find the activity that you like to do and that appeals to either your competitive nature, need to reduce stress, or the social aspect of group exercise classes. This way you will want participate in the activity and physical activity will not feel like a chore. The goal is to find an exercise that you want to do. This will enable you to stick with it and ultimately increase your physical activity level and improve your health.

In order to achieve fitness results, it is important to exercise on a regular basis. Find the activities you like and make time to do them. If you look forward to the activities, you will be more likely to make the time to exercise. As you experiment with finding what works best for you and what you enjoy the most, be sure to listen to your body. Over time, find several activities that you enjoy. A variety of activities will decrease the chance of you being bored with your routine. Your exercise choices should include activities that improve aerobic capacity, build strength, and improve balance and flexibility. You will find yourself feeling better and stronger. Feeling better and stronger in combination with enjoying your activities will motivate you to continue to exercise and achieve your fitness goals.Focus on how wonderful physical activity feels during or after its completion.

If you want to have lasting success in sticking to an exercise plan, examine the reasons why and how you are working out. Start to think about exercise as an activity that will improve your quality of life. It is human nature to want immediate gratification and instant results. Therefore, it may be difficult to stick with your exercise program because good results take time. Furthermore, to maintain the results it is necessary to make exercise part of your lifestyle forever.

There is a social component or community aspect of exercise. Small group exercise classes are a good way to meet interesting people who share a common goal and can hold you accountable when needed. Group classes are fun, motivating, social, and cost effective. Some of my clients “hated” any type of physical activity and were motivated to exercise by the friendships that they developed in the class. Now, they actually look forward to attending their sessions due to the group format. In our impersonal world of social media, texts, and emails, the social aspect of exercise cannot be overlooked. For some, it is the only part of their day where there is a human connection.

The social aspect of group fitness can help you maintain a fitness routine. Find a group that you like to exercise with. This will enable you to have lasting exercise success leading to optimum health and fitness.

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