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  • Carol Michaels

Why Do Women Need to Strength Train?

It is necessary to strength train because we lose muscle mass as we age. There can be a change in the muscle-to-fat ratio called sarcopenia. Strength training improves the muscle-to-fat ratio. We need to gain muscle mass and we need to strengthen bones. Muscles are metabolically active. This means that they burn calories at rest and during exercise. Having more muscle will increase metabolism. You can reverse this muscle loss at any age. So strength training is a great way to help get to or keep your weight at a healthy level.

In addition, strength training improves balance and posture. It can improve your quality of life by making activities easier and more enjoyable. It can also reduce the chance of injury and can empower you physically and mentally. Strength or resistance training can help you improve athletic performance by improving balance, agility, coordination, and energy levels at all ages.

Lifting weights can decrease the risk for osteoporosis. Strength training helps build strong bones. You need to learn which exercises are contraindicated for osteoporosis. For example, if you have or are at risk for osteoporosis you should not do forward bends, abdominal crunches or extreme twisting movements.To learn more about how to strength train with or at risk for osteoporosis, go to

Work with a personal trainer or join a group exercise class.

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