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  • Carol Michaels

Weight Loss Is More Than Counting Calories

​It may be necessary to stay way from white starches like refined grains and refined sugars. These foods also can cause an increased appetite and cravings. Try whole grains, instead.

  • If you are having trouble losing weight increase your proteins and healthy fats. Weight loss can be more complicated than just counting calories. Sometimes you have to tweak a few things to see what works for your unique situation.

  • Always read labels. Know what you are putting into your body. Try to eat fresh whole foods and stay away from processed foods. Look out for high sodium and artificial ingredients.

  • Eat more low calorie density food. These foods contain a lot of water so there are fewer calories. Example would be leafy greens like lettuce, and spinach, fruits, and soups.

  • Cook more meals at home so you know exactly what is going in to your food.

  • Weight loss can require more than a daily workout and food moderation. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your ability to lose weight. Sitting for just a couple hours can cause a decrease in the enzymes that break up fat.

  • Lack of sleep can cause a reduction in growth hormones and cause us to crave sugar.

  • Try to minimize stress which can effect your weight. Often eating is the way we reduce stress. Too much cortisol, which is released when under stress, can slow your metabolism. One technique to reduce stress is relaxation breathing.

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