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  • Carol Michaels

Using the Stability Ball

We have witnessed an explosion of new equipment and training methods over the years. One of my favorite fitness workouts involves the stability ball. The stability ball can strengthen the core, strengthen stabilizing muscles, improve balance and posture and increase strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Although the ball has been a part of training for a long time, I always find myself going back to this versatile piece of equipment. As my knowledge and experience grows, so does my ability to use the ball in creative and effective exercise programming. It can be used effectively for improving strength, balance, and flexibility. The ball alone can be sufficient to create a fun and unique session. It is inexpensive and can be transported easily for in-home trainers.

The stability ball has been used by physical therapists since the mid 1900s. In the early nineties, personal trainers increased the use of the ball with their clients.

The stability ball has applications for every population. Children and teens find exercising fun while using a ball. Fit and healthy clients enjoy the challenges of doing some of their exercise routine while using a ball and learning new exercises which take advantage of the instability provided by the ball. Older adults appreciate the challenge of performing basic strength training exercises while just sitting on the ball. Rehabilitative exercise programs are endless.

The people participating in my exercise programs have said that the ball adds a new dimension to their work out. As a trainer, I never get bored while using this equipment with my clients. Sitting on a ball also reinforces the need for good posture while performing each exercise. It allows one to strengthen the core in a very safe and effective manner.

There are so many applications of this piece of equipment. With a little creativity you can create a unique and exciting exercise session.

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