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  • Carol Michaels

Evaluate your Weight Loss Plan

Everyone is unique when it comes to weight loss, improving your fitness level and general health. You might be in a fitness program with a friend and not getting the same results. But do not give up. You cannot compare your results to anyone else.

If your health buddy is heavier than you to begin with, she will lose weight quickly at first. Men will lose weight faster than females due to testosterone and greater muscle mass. Older people will lose weight slowly due to slower metabolisms, hormonal changes, and decreased muscle mass. Medical conditions can cause your weight loss to be slow and those on anti- depressants and corticosteroids, may have an additional challenge. Finally, genetics may add to the challenge.

Are you eating more than you think you are? Your calorie intake may be more than you think it is. Make sure your calorie intake is accurate. Are you eating the right foods?

Are you exercising properly for weight loss? You might not be exercising as much or as intensely as you need to for weight loss.The machines only estimate the amount of calories used. Fitness trackers are not always accurate. Make sure to add strength training. This should be performed 2 to 3 times per week. Increasing your muscle mass can increase your calorie burning ability. If you are not achieving your health and fitness goals it may be time to meet with a fitness professional to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and to learn how to maintain a healthy weight and eating plan.

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