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  • Carol Michaels

Why are so Many People in Physical Therapy?

I am thrilled that people want to exercise which is especially important during the virus in order to have good immunity. Unfortunately, many people do not have good body awareness, mechanics or coordination and are trying to perform some of the exercises that they may have performed at their gym or with their trainers. Now they are exercising on their own at home and some do not have the correct equipment or supervision. 

Exercising without good form has caused torn meniscus injuries due to performing a lunge with the leg moving out to the side creating too much twist to the knee. A few people have twisted their ankle trying a box jump, squat jump and a lunge jump. Depending on fitness level, it might be safer to stick to stationary strength training moves. Unless one if very athletic and a very experienced exerciser, this is not the time to try advanced exercises at home. 

Others are trying to achieve results rapidly using poor technique. They are using a weight that is too heavy causing shoulder injuries and elbow tendinitis Others do not have the proper equipment at home and are using a weight that they have found in their home which they may have used that 20 years ago- but is probably too heavy at this time.  I am also seeing numerous lower back injuries. Lower back  injuries are caused due to poor form during the exercises. Also if someone does not work each muscle group, the exercise routine can cause muscle  imbalances leading to back pain. And then there are those who have been injured by failing equipment. Using an old resistance band that snaps in the face or attaching a band to a door which is not attached securely can be dangerous. All equipment should be checked for problems before it is used.

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