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  • Carol Michaels

The Recovery Fitness Cancer & Osteoporosis Exercise Program NJ NY FL

cancer rehab

I created the Recovery Fitness cancer exercise and osteoporosis programs to help my clients improve their fitness level and general health, and reduce the risk of developing cancer related issues. The program is offered on an individual basis and in a small group format. The exercise groups are comprised of patients who have similar cancers, surgeries, issues, and concerns. This format results in a support group and makes taking care of health enjoyable, fun and cost effective.

The exercises in my program improve posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. Energy level and endurance are increased, and heart and bones are strengthened. Stress, anxiety, and depression are reduced.

This program provides participants with valuable knowledge about how to improve their recovery process from cancer through exercise. They learn which exercises are contraindicated and which need to be done regularly. They receive materials with current information on cancer and /or osteoporosis. I also arrange to have a registered dietician meet with my clients in order to make sure each of them receive nutritional counseling. They enjoy having a team approach to their health care. Some of the clients have diabetes or other chronic conditions that also need to be addressed.

Obesity is a significant factor in preventing a good recovery. Sometimes even if the cancer is under control, obesity creates myriad orthopedic and cardiac issues and can increase the risk of recurrence.

Our clients have enjoyed success in the following areas:

  • Range of Motion – improved in all participants.

  • Strength – improved in all participants.

  • Quality of life – based on questionnaires; all feel better about themselves and know that they are doing something over which they have control and which will improve their lives.

  • Posture, balance, and endurance improved and lymphedema decreased.

  • Weight control

For more information about the Recovery Fitness program, contact me at or go to

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