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Cancer Exercise Classes in New Jersey and New York

breast cancer exercise class

The Recovery Fitness® cancer exercise program fills a gap in the health care system. My program teaches patients how to exercise properly and safely, and takes their particular surgery and treatment into account so that they can reach a fitness level that provides them with confidence and peace of mind.We have over 20 years experience and have helped thousands of cancer patients.

Sometimes the patient is so overwhelmed by their diagnosis that they are unable to comprehend the specifics of the chemotherapy or the exact details of the surgery. We are able to help our clients better understand their physical condition so that they understand why some exercises are very helpful for them and why some exercises could be harmful.

Cancer survivors often undergo lymph node removal, which may increase the risk of developing lymphedema. I have demonstrated that not only is it safe to exercise with lymphedema, the right type of exercise may reduce flare-ups. Therefore, cancer survivors who have or are at risk for lymphedema need to learn how to exercise properly. Other common side effects helped by exercise are poor posture, poor balance and osteoporosis. In addition, cancer patients may develop frozen shoulder, stiffness, and numbness due to surgery and treatments. Most of these issues can be prevented through participation in the right exercise program.

All communications with our clients are confidential. Sessions are held in a private studio that is safe for those who are immuno-compromised; the studio is cleaned after each session. For more information contact us at or go to

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