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Tips For Working Out When It’s Cold Outside in NJ

You know the value of exercise. That’s why you make the time to jog, lift weights, or take an exercise class. But when winter hits hard, it can be difficult to find the motivation. The cold, dark days make it tempting to stay home, eat some carbs, and rest on the couch.

Thankfully, there are ways you can find your motivation and get some great exercise this winter. It starts by focusing on consistency.

Finding Motivation

Reminding yourself of the health benefits of exercise sometimes isn’t enough to stay motivated in winter. That’s why Women’s Health Magazine recommends that you emphasize consistency in your workouts. Exercising randomly gives you too many excuses to skip exercising, as your days are always busy. By sticking with a plan, you remind yourself of when it’s time to work out — and that makes it more likely to happen.

For some, it’s the cold of winter that saps their motivation. To help with this, use a programmable thermostat to make it warm when you wake up to exercise before work. also recommends finding a workout partner. Knowing that your friend is going to be waiting at the gym can help you find the motivation to venture out on cold winter days. If you have a lot of trouble getting out during winter, consider investing in light bulbs that mimic natural daylight. This helps your internal clock get ready for activity despite the darkness outside.

Winter Exercise Tips

One great way to get motivated any time of year is to see results. That can be hard when some of your usual activities cannot be done thanks to the winter weather. It’s hard to jog every morning before work if the temperature is nearing zero. But as SparkPeople explains, there are still ways you can get a great workout during winter.

Besides going to the gym, try a winter sport like skiing or ice skating. Both burn a lot of calories and give you the exercise your body needs to stay healthy. Even just building a snowman can be fun. If you hate the cold, look into local sports leagues for basketball or racquetball. You can even exercise right in your warm home by watching online workout videos.

If you prefer to go to the gym, try going there right after work. If you come home and feel the warmth inside, you are much less likely to get the exercise you need. Because finding a workout buddy can help with motivation, this is a great time to find someone at work to exercise with you.

Exercising With Your Dog

However, your workout friend does not have to even be human. If you own a pet dog, exercising with them during the winter can be a great way to find the motivation when it’s cold outside. These can even be done indoors.

The Daily Treat offers several indoor activities for you and your dog. For example, playing hide and seek with a dog can be surprisingly good exercise for you both. An indoor obstacle course needs some space, but is perfect for a basement. And of course, a good game of fetch or tug-of-war can be both fun and tiring.

Stay Active This Winter

It’s all too easy to get inactive during the cold and dark winter months. To find the motivation to stay active, work out with a friend and stay consistent. Try out some winter sports or hit the gym right after work to keep healthy, and if you own a dog, exercise with them at home. This way, you can head into summer looking and feeling amazing.

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