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  • Carol Michaels

Reducing the Formation of Cellulite

eating habits

There are some things that effect our risk of cellulite that we just can’t change such as skin thickness, age, and genetics. But we can change the habits that lead to cellulite such as inactivity and poor nutrition.

Try to make get into the habit of getting some type aerobic exercise in daily. That can be walking, running, or dancing. The best exercise is the one that you will do. And for those that do exercise, make sure to add strength training to your exercise routine. This way muscle

mass increases, decreasing the appearance of the cellulite. It improves the appearance of the skin by smoothing out the bumps.

Eating too much or being overweight can lead to cellulite and much worse. Eating poorly is a complicated issue and needs to be address by education, working with a weight loss group or weight loss professional or therapist.

Some believe that smoking and excessive alcohol intake are habits that increase cellulite, but I have not seen the research on this. Not drinking enough water might be a risk factor for cellulite formation.

Make sure to have medical checkups periodically to allow you to discover hormone imbalances(thyroid, estrogen) which can increase the risk of cellulite.

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