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Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Friends can sabotage weight loss goals by:

1. Ordering high calorie starters for the table at a restaurant.

It makes it very difficult to control food intake when dining with people that eat large quantities of food. It takes a lot of will power not to pick at the starters that were ordered. Sometimes the appetizers are a meal in themselves.To control the situation make sure that their is a healthy low calorie starter selected so you do not eat 500 calories before the main course is served.

2. Ordering dessert for the table

There are those that will order several desserts for the table-even after a large meal. To control the situation order some fruit or an herbal tea.If you know that this is a common occurrence, it is a good idea to talk to your friends prior to dinner. If that does not help suggest doing something else-a movie, etc.

3. Selecting a restaurant with unhealthy food choices.

Try to be assertive /pro-active-be the one to select the restaurant.

4. Constantly filling your wine glass.

This is a common weight loss sabotage issue. There are some that do not realize that liquids count as calories. Several glasses of wine can amount to hundreds of extra calories. To cope with the wine pouring friend, a discussion prior to going out needs to take place. I recommend that my clients explain that too much wine/sugar is ruining their weight loss efforts-be honest.

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