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  • Carol Michaels

Are you Getting Injured at the Gym?

shoulder injury

As most of you know, I am working out of a large fitness center this month where gym goers lifting weights with poor technique surround me. It is great that they are trying to get fit and healthy. Unfortunately, many weight lifters are not achieving their goals and are getting injured. People spend a lot of time and money to join a gym. While it is fine to strength train using the heaviest weight that can be safely handled, too many people are increasing weight while sacrificing form. I watched many gym goers rock back and forth or swing weights in order to use heavy weights to perform a bicep curl. Shoulder exercises are being performed in poor alignment causing shoulder injuries. Lifting weight in an awkward fashion places the body in positions that are unsafe. Holding one’s breath is also a common problem leading to hernias, high blood pressure and other issues. Always use good form with proper breathing and never use a weight that you are unable to handle with good technique.

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