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20 Minute Park Work Out

20 minute park workout

The basic components of fitness are aerobic, strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. Those components of a good fitness routine and be covered in 20 minutes by performing compound exercises.

The following are done with little resting time in order to keep the heart rate up to cover the aerobic component. Just bring some weights or resitance bands and a mat.

Start with a 1 minute warm up-rapid paced walk or jog

Squats with bicep curls 2 minutes

Lunges with shoulder press 2 minutes

Plies with tricep extensions 2 minutes

Rows and reverse flies while standing on one leg 2 minutes

Push ups 1 minutes (can be done on the ground or using a park bench)

Pull ups 1 minutes (need a sturdy tree branch or playground pull up bar)

Plank 1 minute

Pilates core exercises: criss cross,corkscrew,etc 2 minutes

Bird dog 1minute

After completed the above strength, balance and posture exercise leave about 5 minutes for Stretching which is performed at the end while the body is warm

Hamstring stretch

Quad stretch

Figure 4

Hip flexor stretch

Calf stretch

Shoulder neck and tricep stretches

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