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  • Carol Michaels

Are you reaching your health and fitness goals?

Start by stating your goal and writing it down. Then, break it up into small attainable goals. Small changes can lead to big results. Your goal might be to feel good, energetic, and strong. These goals have just as much importance as the number on the scale.

If you have a bad day quickly return to your new healthy habits. Try not to throw in the towel and give up. Accept the fact that we can make mistakes and be flexible. In order to reach and maintain goals you have to have that mindset.

Keep learning and start to make healthy choices. Try to find ways to increase your fruits and vegetables. You will find that your food preferences will gradually change. When you decrease sugar, cravings will decrease. Learn to make substitutions like mustard instead of mayo. Always try to plan ahead. If x happens, you do y. Planning ahead will help you to more effectively handle temptation and impulses. Have a backup plan before you get into the situation. Planning ahead will also ensure that you make time to exercise.

Soon you will find your new habits as natural as brushing your teeth!

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