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  • Carol Michaels

The Fat and Breast Cancer Connection

There is a connection between fat and breast cancer, especially in those diagnosed with cancer after menopause. Breast cancer remains the most common type of cancer for women.

A large percentage of the population is overweight. This has always been huge health concern for diabetes and other diseases. Doctors and public health officials have long been promoting lifestyle changes to stave off heart disease and diabetes, but fewer people associate better diets and exercise with cancer prevention.

Women that are overweight may have elevated levels of hormones such as insulin estrogen, and leptin. The hormones may increase inflammation in the body that can promote cancer growth.

Cancer patients have to deal with the side effects of a cancer surgery and treatments. They might have trouble dieting and exercising because treatments often makes them gain weight, while experiencing fatigue and other side effects.

Our Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program teaches the participants about the importance of exercise in the recovery process and possibly preventing recurrence. There are free programs at Gilda’s Club, Morristown Medical center and other facilities. The classes teach the participants how to exercise safely with cancer. A good fitness program can help keep weight under control, decrease the side effects of surgery and treatments and improve mood.

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