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  • Carol Michaels

Motivation to Exercise

Overall Health Benefit An exercise program will improve your overall health. Just think of all the benefits of exercise. It can improve the chance of being there for your children and grandchildren. You will also be a healthy lifestyle role model for your family. It will increase your energy and concentration so that you can perform better at work. Exercise will improve your quality of life. It will enable you to participate in the sports and activities that you enjoy and you will feel better physically and emotionally. Weight Control Exercise will help you lose weight and rebuild muscle to increase metabolism. When you start to see the benefits of exercise it serves as positive reinforcement: less fatigue, better mood, improved energy, less pain, etc. For more tips on weight loss check out

Maintaining your Exercise Program How can you stick with your exercise program? It is a good idea to set goals. Some people derive great satisfaction in setting and then achieving goals. You can record your daily progress. This can be done with charts and graphs charts to record your progress and reward achievements. You will feel good about yourself when you achieve your goals. Scheduling your exercise in the morning and make that your priority before you start your day, is a strategy that works for many of my clients. If you leave it for later in the day something might come up to interfere with your program. A good approach is to have an exercise friend. You will both reinforce each other and you will be accountable to each other. You should keep in mind that just like everyone else, you will have good and bad days so you should be able to adapt. Keep as active as possible, be safe and have fun. To set up an appointment contact Carol Michaels at 201-704-5700 or at


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