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  • Carol Michaels

Exercising at Home

Why exercise at home? Many people prefer the increased privacy, cleanliness, and convenience of home training. Here are some tips for creating your very own home gym.

Choose a space that will work for you in the long term and doesn’t disrupt your household. Pick routines and equipment that will work best within it. If space is limited, go for multipurpose equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, kettlebells, steps, and gliders.You can use much of the above equipment to increase your aerobic fitness if you take only short rest breaks between sets and exercises.

For those of you with chronic conditions, who would like to start a home exercise program, here are the links to my recent interviews:

1. Motivation to exercise with #cancer

2. Interview with Claire Gill, the CEO of the #Bone Health and #Osteoporosis Foundation.

Contact me at for more information and the schedule for our virtual training programs.


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