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  • Carol Michaels

Exercise for Cancer Survivors

I am pleased to announce that one of my first exercise oncology videos is now free on my YouTube channel. Stretching Exercise for Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors was one of the first full length cancer exercise videos. This video is designed for someone going through cancer treatment and is particularly helpful for breast cancer recovery. The exercises are presented in a very simple fashion using simple terminology. It is easy to follow and can be performed as soon as you receive medical clearance. These effective stretches will relax the mind and body and are appropriate for all fitness levels.

This video will help you:

·increase energy level

·increase self-confidence and sense of well-being

·reduce stress, anxiety and pain

·increase flexibility, and range of motion

·improve balance, posture and lymphatic drainage

This rehabilitative exercise program will help you resume your pre-surgery daily functions. Most importantly the research suggests that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The video was made when radiation, chemo, and surgery were the popular treatments. Now with the use of immunotherapy, additional exercise methods might be required. The video is still relevant, extremely helpful, and endorsed by the medical community.


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