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  • Carol Michaels

How to Be Positive About Exercise


Do you have negative associations with exercise?

If you want to have lasting success in sticking to an exercise plan, examine the reasons why and how you are working out. Start to think about exercise as an activity that will improve your life. It is human nature to want immediate gratification and instant results. Therefore, it may be difficult to stick with your exercise program because good results take time. Furthermore, to maintain the results, it is necessary to make exercise part of your lifestyle forever.

Some tips to help you think about exercise in positive terms:

• Physical activity needs to become something you like to do if you want the habit to stick. Try to find an exercise, sport or movement that you enjoy. You may know that it is necessary exercise. But unless you find an exercise that you enjoy, there is a good chance that you will not continue. The physical activity should be fun.

• Focus on how wonderful physical activity feels during or after its completion.

• Erase any negative associations with the word that may have been acquired during childhood or years of failed attempts to establish a routine. Exercise doesn’t have to mean an intimidating large gym setting. Think of exercise in terms of opportunities to move. Think of exercise in positive terms. Participate in a sport that you enjoy or an activity that you enjoy such as dancing or walking.

• There is a social component or community aspect of exercise. Small group exercise classes are a good way to meet interesting people who share a common goal and can hold you accountable when needed.

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