• Carol Michaels

Calorie Delusion

Calorie counting does not work for everyone.

A calorie is a unit of energy, but can we determine how the calorie used by the individual? Does it matter what type of food the calorie comes from? Some people will use 100 calories of pasta in a similar manner as 100 calories of an apple and some will use the calories from the apple and the pasta very differently. Although the pasta and the apple have the same number of calories, added chemicals, fiber, and sugar are part of the equation in calculating a body’s use of the food. What we have not determined is exactly how each individual digests their food. The large food industry has focused on counting calories. What they should be focusing on is how the food we are sold affects us. For example. processed foods can affect our hormone systems. I would like us to find ways to encourage food corporations to eliminate harmful chemicals in their processed foods rather than promote the illusion of weight reduction through calorie counting.

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