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  • Carol Michaels

Conference in New Jersey for Personal Trainers & Allied Professionals

cancer exercise presentation

Join the Medfit Network on April 13-15, 2018 in Glassboro, NJ. This two day event, hosted at Rowan University, will offer fitness & allied health professionals an opportunity to increase their knowledge in the field of medical fitness. I will be presenting on osteoporosis. Please forward this to anyone who may benefit from this information.

For those in the midwest, I will be presenting at the University of Kansas on April 21 on Bridging the Gap between Medicine and Fitness: How to Navigate Cancer and Osteoporosis.The effects of cancer treatment on the body can be ravaging and leave the patient with issues to be addressed such as; tightness and imbalances from reconstructive surgeries, numbness and tingling, balance issues, loss of strength and energy. Cancer survivors are at higher risk for osteoporosis due to chemo and cancer medications. For more info on this CEC course go to Excel

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