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Getting Motivated to Exercise

Need help getting motivated to get back to exercise?

Starting an exercise program is difficult, but so rewarding. All types of moderate exercise are beneficial. Think about the activities or sports that you enjoy and do them. Do you like to walk, ride a bicycle, or dance? If so, you can build your exercise program around the activity you find enjoyable.

Notice if you start making excuses for not exercising. We often use excuses to hide our fear of failure. They then become a barrier to achieving our goals. Rely on your inner strength to exceed self-imposed limitations. A fear of believing that you won’t achieve goals can prevent you from trying.

Starting an exercise program can be a challenge. Just think of all the benefits to exercise:

  • An exercise program will improve your overall health. It can help your heart, bones, and decrease your risk of diabetes.

  • Exercising regularly can improve the chance of being there for your children and grandchildren. You will also be a healthy lifestyle role model for your family.

  • Exercise increases your energy and concentration so that you can perform better at work.

  • Exercise will improve your quality of life. You will feel better physically and emotionally.

  • Exercise can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Regular exercise has a powerful effect on one’s mood by releasing pain-relieving endorphins. Always start slowly and listen to your body eventually increasing the frequency, length, and intensity of your program. Exercise training is emerging as a therapy to the negative psychological side effects associated with chronic disease.

  • It will enable you to participate in the sports and activities that you enjoy.

  • Exercise will help you control your weight. Exercise will help you lose weight and rebuild muscle to increase metabolism Exercise makes you fitter, which improves body image. When you start to see the benefits of exercise it serves as positive reinforcement.

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