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  • Carol Michaels

Text Neck

Texting and hours of sitting in front of the computer is causing a head forward posture that can be seen even in teenagers. It is called text neck.

  1. The effects of chronic forward head and neck postures are long-term and may result in muscle strain, disc herniation, nerve impingement, and the early onset of arthritis in the joints of the neck.

  2. Forward head posture is strongly linked to decreased respiratory muscle strength and breathing ability, which results in up to a 30% loss in vital capacity in the lungs as well as a significant increase in cardiac and vascular pressure.

  3. Forward head posture results in an increase in discomfort and pain, due to disrupted proprioceptive and sensory input from the first four cervical vertebrae.
 This results in loss of balance and coordination, along with and increased probability of sustaining a fall especially as we age.

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