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  • Carol Michaels

No Pain No Gain is OUT

Learn how to exercise properly so that you do not wind up in physical therapy

Some of us are working too hard at out jobs and are taking that same intensity to the gym by exercising too hard. This just leads to fatigue and injury. Don’t follow the herd. Get rid of that no pain no gain mentality which only leads to injuries. Learn how to make your exercise routine your own by trying different exercise systems and types of movement. See what works for you

r body. You should not be doing the same exercise routine that you did 25 years ago. Make sure to account for the effects of past surgeries, medications, and health issues. Have a diversified exercise programs so you do not create overuse injuries. You do not need to suffer to get in shape or work out till you almost throw up. You have probably heard a friend say, “My workout was amazing! I could not walk for 3 days and was sore all over”. Exercise should not be a punishment. It should be fun. Let us show you how to have an amazing workout the soreness and pain!

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