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Nine Reasons To Make Fitness Part Of Your Cancer Recovery Plan

Exercise is an essential component of the cancer recovery process. After surgery, it is important to build strength and flexibility in the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and back. Since everyone responds differently to exercise, it's important to find an exercise program that specifically fits your physical and emotional needs.

Studies have shown that exercise for cancer patients can:

  • Help before and after surgery and during treatment

  • May reduce risk of recurrence

Here are nine other reasons to incorporate fitness into your cancer recovery routine:

● Have fun, get motivated, and be inspired

The Recovery Fitness Program for cancer patients and cancer survivors, combines the most effective exercises from Pilates, Gyrotonics, ballet, stretching and traditional strength training. The program increases bone density and builds muscle mass using specific exercises for cancer patients.

● Improve health and fitness with other cancer survivors

After TRAM flap, Lat flap and other reconstruction surgeries it is helpful to exercise with a group of women who have similar initial limitations.

● Improve posture, balance, and body awareness ( breast cancer exercises)

A posture and balance assessment is conducted during the initial meeting. Exercises are performed to correct imbalances that may occur after surgery and treatment. Lymphedema and breast cancer exercises addressed.

● Increase strength, flexibility, and range of motion (specific exercises for cancer patients)

A range of motion assessment is also conducted during our first meeting. We concentrate on improving the flexion, extension, abduction, and internal and external rotation of the shoulder.

● Increase energy levels and endurance

Exercise can strengthen the heart and lungs, which can be weakened by chemotherapy.

● Improve sleep and reduce stress

An exercise program after a cancer diagnosis can help a patient feel better physically and mentally.

Weight control

A post-cancer fitness routine can help counteract any weight changes that occured during treatment.

● Improve ability to tolerate cancer treatments – fitness and cancer

Exercise can decrease fatigue, a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Learn fitness and cancer best practices.

● Increase self-confidence and sense of well being

Being fit can have positive relationship with you and fitness and cancer. You can increase your sense of confidence and well being using specific exercises for cancer patients. Start exercising with cancer now!

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