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  • Carol Michaels

Small Group Training for Cancer Survivors

I have been a fitness professional and cancer exercise specialist for 20 years. One the the best ways to help someone feel better during or after surgery and treatments is to encourage them to attend specialized exercise classes made for cancer survivors. Exercise improves both physical and emotional health and can improve the recovery process.

Exercise groups are comprised of patients who have similar cancers, surgeries, issues and concerns, thus also resulting in a support group. This makes taking care of health enjoyable, fun and cost effective.

Weight gain can be a side effect of breast cancer surgery and treatments. So a good exercise program can help keep weight under control,improve strength and build muscle, and help the survivor’s self-esteem.

Some additional benefits of joining a small group exercise classes for cancer survivors:

  • Motivation and Inspiration

  • Improvement in posture, balance, flexibility, and strength.

  • Energy level and endurance is increased and heart and bones are strengthened.

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression are reduced.

  • Weight control and improved body image

If there are no cancer exercise trainers in the area, exercise DVD’s that are made especially for cancer survivors are extremely helpful. The DVD’s are ideal for those that live in areas that do not have specialized exercise programming. DVDs are also helpful for a cancer patient that they can’t attend a class due to scheduling issues. Exercise books can also be useful for those who want to take things at a slower pace.

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