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  • Carol Michaels

Making Fitness Fun

One of my goals as a fitness professional is to motivate you to improve your fitness level. One way to do this is to find exercise routines that you enjoy. If you like to dance, you should try Zumba or take a ballroom dancing class. If you like to exercise by yourself, swimming might be a good choice. It is a solitary sport which allows you to exercise in a peaceful environment.

If stress is a problem, participate in the mind-body methods. This includes Pilates, yoga ,or tai chi. For those that enjoy a little competition, add a sport such as tennis. Find the activity that you like to do and that appeals to either your competitive nature, need to reduce stress, or the social aspect of group exercise classes. This way you will want participate in the activity and physical activity will not feel like a chore. The goal is to find an exercise that you want to do. This will enable you to stick with it and ultimately increase your physical activity level and improve your health.

In order to achieve fitness results, it is important to exercise on a regular basis. Find the activities you like and make time to do them. If you look forward to the activities, you will be more likely to make the time to exercise. When determining the activities that are right for you, keep in mind that the fitness shows and infomercials on television can be very misleading. Many of the photos that are shown are enhanced by lighting or may be photo shopped. The results shown on television may not be long-term and the exercise might not be safe for your particular health issues. If you do not enjoy using the product that you purchase, you will not use it on a consistent basis.

As you experiment with finding what works best for you and what you enjoy the most, be sure to listen to your body. Over time, find several activities that you enjoy. A variety of activities will decrease the chance of you being bored with your routine. Your exercise choices should include activities that improve aerobic capacity, build strength, and improve balance and flexibility. You will find yourself feeling better and stronger. Feeling better and stronger in combination with enjoying your activities will motivate you to continue to exercise and achieve your fitness goals.

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