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  • Carol Michaels

Virtual Wellness Conference

I am honored to be a keynote speaker for the Engage Holistic Business Summit™. This is a medically based fitness and wellness conference taking place virtually on October 22nd to the 25th presented by The Stress Management Institute. During this conference, you will learn new mind - body movement techniques and programming that you can use for your clients, patients, or yourself. You also will learn techniques to stay engaged, reduce stress, and prevent burnout. This business summit blends stress management techniques and emotional intelligence skills to help you grow personally and professionally. The summit includes eight hours of online presentations. Some of the presenters will be offering a free consultation and or an e-book to help you put the techniques you learned into practice right away. If you are not in the health or fitness industry you can still benefit from the information that the workshops have to offer. Go to to register or call 609-364-6099. You can email me for the conference brochure at

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