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  • Carol Michaels

Exercising with a Chronic Health Issue

The focus of this article will be on diabetes, a chronic disease that affects millions people. The American College of Sports Medicine released recommendations for exercising with diabetes in the February issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. They conclude that physical activity will not only help prevent type 2 diabetes, it can help patients manage the condition.

#Exercise plays an important role in managing type 2 diabetes. Here are a few tips for how to exercise with diabetes:

  • Decrease sitting time by doing small amounts of physical activity throughout the day. This may improve blood glucose and insulin levels. Aerobic exercise will help to. manage blood glucose

  • High-intensity #resistance exercise benefits those with type 2 diabetes more than low- to moderate-intensity exercise and the routines can be modified to to all fitness levels.

  • Physical activity after meals reduces blood glucose.

  • Those with type 2 #diabetes should consider lowering their insulin or adding in a few more carbs before they exercise to avoid a crash.

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