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  • Carol Michaels

Do you Know the Side Effects of Your Prescription Drugs?

The number of people who suffer from chronic disease is on the rise. This becomes more pronounced as our lifespan increases. Approximately half of adults older than 64 years experience at least 2 chronic health conditions which means that there are many people taking several prescription medications daily. A large percentage of adults are on several medications such as high blood pressure pills, metformin, cholesterol medication, beta-blockers, and a variety of other pills for anxiety and depression.

Some of these medications are life savers but they also may have some negative side effects. For example, Some of the most commonly prescribed medications cause osteoporosis . For women with breast cancer taking aromatase inhibitors, the fracture incidence is 18% to 20% after 5 years. Therefore, it is important to check with your doctor so that you understand the side effects of your all of your medications. The medications that you are taking may also make it necessary to make changes to your exercise plan.

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