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Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

Feeling dull ache to a stabbing on your low back?

I know the feeling of this shooting sensation, it’s pretty painful.

No matter, whether you are men or women, everyone faces low back pain at some point at any stage of life.

So wondering why does my lower back hurt so badly?

Well, Back pain can develop without a cause which your doctor can identify with an imaging study or a test. But in general, back pain causes by injury or spinal degeneration.

An inversion table is the great alternative treatment of back pain. Innova inversion table one of a good inversion table. Elite Healthy wrote a complete guide about it.

Keep reading, and you’ll find out the causes and symptoms of lower back pain.

What Is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain has become a universal human experience.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost everyone has to deal with it at some point. It is one of the major causes of disability worldwide.

Quite alarming, isn’t it?

The lower back starts below the ribcage, which is called the lumbar region. Thus, pain here can be intense. Fortunately, low back pain gradually gets better on its own. But if it doesn't, you should go to a doctor.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of lower back pain can include:

  • Stabbing or Shooting pain

  • Pain that extends down your leg

  • Muscle ache

  • Pain that worsens with lifting, bending, standing or walking

  • Pain that increases with reclining

Causes of Back Pain

Soft-tissue injuries and mechanical issues are the usual causes of back pain. Meanwhile, these injuries include damage to the intervertebral discs and improper movement of the spinal joints. Many things can be the reason behind this abnormal pain. Spine-Related Problems

Back pain usually happens because something is off in the way your spinal muscles, joints, discs, and nerves. However, this muscle related problem includes:

  • Slipped or Herniated discs: It indicates the soft tissue between your joint has somehow come out. Thus, it is caused by wear and the nerves are pressed badly; it causes the pain in your hip or lower back.

  • Degenerative disc disease: It indicates that the shock absorbers or discs between your spine’s vertebrae tear or shrink. Meanwhile, with age, the bones rub together and cause lower back pain.

  • Spinal stenosis: It refers to your spinal canal has somehow narrowed. As a result, it adds pressure on your nerves and spine. That’s why your shoulders and legs probably feel numb. Normally people after 60 suffer from this.

  • Cervical radiculopathy: It is a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disc or a bone spur.

  • Spondylolisthesis: It is a bone in the spine which slips out of place and, forward usually in the lower back.

Accidents and Injuries

Falls, Car accidents, strains, muscle sprains, and fractures can be the causes of back pain. Hence, these injuries can lead to some serious physical problems.

Lifestyle Problem That Can Cause Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be increased by these activities in your day to day life. Moreover, simple awareness and a healthy lifestyle can give an enjoyable painless life. Activities you should avoid include:

  • Being overweight

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • Not exercising enough

  • Slouching at the desk

  • Smoking

  • Wearing high heels

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