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  • Carol Michaels

Using a Personal Trainer if Over 60 -Private and Small Group Sessions in West Orange, New Jersey

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Should someone over age 60 start to work with a personal trainer?

You might feel fine. Your weight may be in an acceptable range. So why would you start working with a personal trainer?

Some people over age 60 might not have grown up in an area where it was common to belong to a gym or participate in physical activity. The chance of remaining healthy while leading a stationary lifestyle is slim. Being inactive increases your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers.

Do not wait until you feel some type of discomfort or develop health problems before beginning a fitness program. Start to exercise now to decrease your risk of developing health issues.

I recommend starting by hiring a personal trainer. Make sure to find a highly credentialed personal trainer that has years of experience in working with the over 60 population. If you are currently experiencing arthritis or other health issues, the good news is that there are now trainers that have special credentialing in medical conditions.Personal trainers can teach you the exercises that you need to perform in order to maintain optimum health.

The fitness professional will assess your posture in order to prevent neck and back problem from developing in the future It is possible that you might have a few muscle imbalances. They will help you strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight muscles. Those that sit hours each day are more susceptible to poor posture.

Your balance will also be assessed. At this time, you might not give much thought to your balance, Not many people do until they fall and hurt themselves. If your balance is good you can prevent falls which lead to serious injuries.

Is your core week? A week core can lead to back pain, poor balance, and poor overall functional fitness. Strengthening the core will improve sports performance- in particular golf.

A personal trainer can help you learn how to keep each muscle group strong and flexible to decrease the risk of developing muscle imbalances, which can lead to injuries. Starting a fitness program will allow you to excel in your favorite sport, have better movement, and overall functional fitness.

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