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  • Carol Michaels

The Gym- No One Told You About........

exercise  Maplewood, New Jersey

Socializing at a gym can be a distraction. Are you working out for 1 hour or talking for 1 hour?

The other gym members can be annoying: too friendly, perverts, or in need of a shower.

Traveling back and forth to the gym and getting “dressed up” to exercise can be big time wasters.

Some gyms are not cleaned regularly and are health hazards. Some people do not wipe down the machines.

The small equipment is not cleaned regularly-weights bands, balls, etc.

It is common to develop a foot fungus from the mats.

Some gyms have classes that are too large -the participants are using poor form and getting injured. Large classes are not for everyone especially not for new exercisers, post-rehab, medical conditions, or poor coordination.

Some of the better classes at the gym, or the ones offered at peak times can be too crowded. This means that someone’s foot may wind up in your mouth. Sometimes you need to arrive over 15 minutes before the class just to get a spot.

You can work out at the gym everyday, but if you need to lose weight you have to make changes to your food intake.

The amount of calories used is not always accurate on a machine. Do not get fooled into thinking that you just burned 500 calories in 30 minutes by walking on the treadmill.

After all of the horrible things mentioned I better stress that the studio in West Orange, New Jersey is constantly cleaned and there are no distractions. Your time is valuable and and getting an excellent workout at Carol Michaels Fitness is of upmost importance. We pride ourselves on having the best fitness classes in New Jersey. The West Orange location is convenient for those in Livingston, Caldwell, Short Hills, Millburn, South Orange, Maplewood,

Montclair and other towns in Essex County.

Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels.

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