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  • Carol Michaels

Are Stand Up Desks an Expensive Fad?

Researchers looked at 20 studies of standing desks and concluded that there was only very low-quality evidence that sit-stand desks were beneficial in the short run. And there was no evidence whatsoever that they helped in the long run, according to the researchers, led by Nipun Shrestha, of the Health Research and Social Development Forum in Nepal, who published the review in The Cochrane Library.

A number of my clients use this desk. The ones with lower back issues feel that the stand up desk helps them to have less back pain. For those of you using a traditional desk, I recommend to set a timer that goes off every 20 to 30 minutes to remind you to get up and walk. It is alo a good idea to drink water throughout the day. This will force you to get up frequently to use the bathtoom.

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